About us

About us

Transport and freight company JSC “Baltikas” was established in 1996 in Lithuania. During 20 years of experience we are proud of long-term cooperation with well-known Scandinavian, European and Russian companies.

Why we can offer efficient service and competitive prices :

  1. We are allowed to drive in Sweden – Norway with Lithuanian vehicles;
  2. Strategic location near the main Lithuanian harbor;
  3. Our dispatcher service located in Lithuania;
  4. We deliver cargos during all holidays (Easter, Christmas, New Year, etc.) with no exceptions;
  5. We have all necessary permits and certificates.
  6. Truck tracking system ensures constant and accurate traceability.

General information: 

  • JSC “Baltikas” is a member of Lithuanian National Road Carriers Association (LNVAA”Linava”);
  • All JSC “Baltikas” vehicles have permits of the European Community;
  • All shipments are insured by CMR and are additionally insured if necessary;
  • Liability insurance CMR and TIR conventions guarantee the security of cargo.